Waterjet Orifice Retainers

Swiss CNC machining is the preferred method for the manufacturing of small, accurate, repeatable parts, as shown in this project we completed for a waterjet cutting systems manufacturer. dti EXACT™ was challenged to produce a method of retention for securing a jewel orifice into a waterjet cutting nozzle. This retainer needed to press-fit into a stainless steel housing, securing an orifice of only 0.060″ in diameter. Due to the precision tolerances and high volumes needed, this part was a perfect fit for dti EXACT™’s Swiss-style CNC screw machines.

Due to the ultra-high pressure sealing environment these retainers are subject to, dti EXACT™ had to ensure tight tolerances of up to +- 0.00025″ were consistently held. After approval of initial prototypes, dti EXACT™ began delivering high volume production quantities of the retainers through kanban inventory systems. These retainers, machined from 0.125″ diameter, 6AL-4V Titanium bar stock, proved to hold up extremely well for the industry’s demanding applications. Today, this customer continues to rely on these quality, small parts from dti EXACT™.

At dti EXACT™, we are dedicated experts in the field of precision machining, and continue to be the go-to-choice for challenging fabrication work. For more information about this project, see the table below or contact us directly.


Waterjet Orifice Retainers Project Highlights

Product Description

Orifice Retainer for Waterjet Assemblies

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Swiss CNC Turning, design, prototyping

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Swiss Style CNC Lathes

Overall Part Dimensions

.050″ x .125″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

6AL-4V titanium

Material Finish

63 Surface Finish

In process testing/inspection performed

Visual Inspection

Industry for Use

UHP Waterjet Cleaning And Cutting


High Production

Delivery/Turnaround Time

2 weeks, Kanban delivery program

Delivery Location

Olympia, WA

Standards Met

Custom Design Specification