Micro Vacuum Brazing


At dti EXACT™, we are experts at dealing with challenging projects where accuracy and precision are absolute requirements. The project highlighted here, a vacuum brazing operation for a proprietary electron microscopy part, fully exemplifies our ability to maintain these high standards even with delicate small parts.

We were contracted by Hummingbird Scientific, a leader in the microscopy and microanalysis fields, to vacuum braze a micro part with a 0.002″ layer of Ticusil alloy. This part featured a material thickness of only 0.0125″ which required extensive care to ensure no damage or thermal deformation occurred during the brazing process. Despite these vulnerabilities, dti EXACT™ was able to meet the challenge.

Prior to brazing, we fabricated precision tooling that would hold the part properly during the process. Brazing occurred in a high vacuum furnace at 10^-6 torr and 1200˚C. The 0.002″ layer of Ticusil, successfully bonded with full molecular adhesion.

This project demonstrates dti EXACT™’s developed skills in brazing and capability to provide completed, on time, custom solutions per clients’ unique specifications.

To learn more about this advanced brazing project, see the table below or contact us directly.



Product Name

Proprietary product brazing

Product Description

Proprietary micro part for electron microscopy

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Vacuum brazing at 10^-6 tor, 1200˚C
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

High Temperature, High Vacuum Furnace

Overall Part Dimensions

Thickness: 0.0125″

Tightest Tolerances

Full Molecular Adhesion

Material Used

Ticusil Alloy

Material Finish

0.002″- Thickness applied

In process testing/inspection performed

Precision Tooling for part location and Pressure

Industry for Use

Electron microscopy


Low Volume

Delivery/Turnaround Time

1 week

Delivery Location

Lacey, WA

Standards Met

Customer Specification

Additional Facts

Customer Name: Hummingbird Scientific