Aerospace Waterjet Cutting


At dti EXACT™, we have expertise in a wide variety of state-of-the-art cutting processes. Waterjet cutting, one of our advanced capabilities, allows for accurate cutting of many different materials with ease while reducing scrap and eliminating cutting-related heat damage. As shown in the project highlighted here, our waterjet services were a perfect solution for an Olympia, WA based Aerospace firm.

The project was to cut several tension arm components from ¼” thick 4130 chromoly steel plate, a high quality steel material with very high tensile strength. Waterjet cutting was an excellent candidate for this material, as a traditional machining approach would have demanded expensive tooling or may have changed the temper of the material due to high heat.

We cut the required designs according to custom specifications, which demanded tolerances of ±.010″. After converting the customer’s drawing files, dti EXACT™ cut the parts with ease from ¼” material. After cutting was complete, all parts were inspected and tolerances were verified.

This project took just two weeks to complete, demonstrating our ability to react quickly to tight time frames and provide custom machining solutions at reasonable costs.

To learn more about this project or our other cutting services, see the table below and contact us directly.


Aerospace Waterjet Cutting Project Highlights

Product Name

Tension Arm Components

Product Description

Tension Arm Components cut from Steel Plate

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Overall Part Dimensions

Thickness: ¼”

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

4130 Chromoly Steel Plate

In process testing/inspection performed

Multi-Point Inspection

Industry for Use




Delivery/Turnaround Time

2 weeks

Delivery Location

Olympia, WA

Standards Met

Waterjet Cut Components per Customer Drawings