dti Exact™ history

Consistent product quality, extreme tolerances and the need for quick turnaround times all drove dti™ to invest in dti EXACT™. This idea became a reality in 2004 when dti EXACT™ established new facilities, top of the line equipment and talented employees, all to fill the demands of the ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting industry. Pure necessity driven, the sole purpose of dti EXACT™ was to manufacture extreme, tolerance sensitive tooling and fixturing and continuously develop and automate new specialized processes for diamond orifices. With measurement capabilities far beyond that of typical fabrication shops, dti EXACT™ began manufacturing processes for drilling holes as small as .0001″ and machining diamond edge reliefs at submicron levels.


After several years of great in-house success and a growing reputation for high precision and quick turnaround times, dti EXACT™ opened its doors to new manufacturing applications as a contract manufacturer for any industry in need of consistent quality, tight tolerances and short lead times. Today the company continues to expand with more employees and precision equipment to capture the needs of our evolving customers. While we continue to grow, at the center of dti EXACT™ will always be the desire to fill our customer’s needs with meticulous care and precision.